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Extreme Right Electorates and Party Success


Convened initially as an ECPR research session in Barcelona in September 2000, EREPS (Extreme Right Electorates and Party Success) aimed to address the relative dearth of comparative research into extreme right parties, and in particular the profiles and roles of their electorates.

Sufficient survey data did exist to engage in relatively in-depth analysis of ERP electorates. EREPS had embarked on a project to look at the electoral development of far right parties, especially in terms of the sociodemographic and attitudinal evolution of their electorate.

Since its initial Barcelona meeting, EREPShad expanded from six researchers to a dozen members from eight European nations with country / area and methodological expertise, meeting twice a year in plenary session and at other interim meetings.

By the end of 2005, EREPS had achieved its major goals (resulting in a string of publications in professional journals) and therefore transformed itself in a "virtual group". EREPS does not receive any funding at the moment and is not accepting new members. However, this website remains on the web to document the group's work.

The British Academy EREPS was funded by the British Academy (National Academy for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, UK) and the CNRS (Centre national de la Recherche scientifique, France). CNRS

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Affiliated Members:

  • Mitsuo Koga, University of Tokoyo
  • Yohei Nakayama, University of Tokoyo


Open access area for unrestricted resources - Publications by members of the group, working papers by EREPS and overview papers of contemporary developments in ERPs.

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Electoral Results of
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Voting Trends
National trends in voting for the extreme right parties

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